1. C

    Cloudbet's Bitcoin Cash Birthday Bash!

    On August 1st 2018 bitcoin cash will be one year old, and Cloudbet are marking this historic event with another promotion to reward fans of the fork! Last year Cloudbet made history by becoming the first online sportsbook and casino to honour the Bitcoin Fork, crediting players who had...
  2. Buenoscoin

    Some information about BUENOS COIN

    What are the objectives of Buenos? Buenos is a bespoke cryptocurrency and blockchain, designed for the sole purpose of benefiting the Argentinian people. It does this by improving their economy with an ecosystem of technologies which grant Argentinians completely autonomy over their funds...
  3. Buenoscoin

    Co-founder of Google says that mine Ethereum together with his son

    Google co-founder and president of Alphabet, Sergey Brin, revealed that he is mining ether with his 10-year-old son. The 9th richest man in the world assured that the Blockchain technology is "really amazing" and highlighted the possibility of registry authentication and ZCash zero knowledge...
  4. E

    Here is why Asura token is worth investing come 2nd June.

    Exclusive Interview With CEO of Asura Coin, Mr.Peter Shen. Mr. Peter Shen CEO of Asura World, previously involved in the Chinese eCommerce market after partnering up with NZBC, a partner of TMall [part of Alibaba Group]. Mr.Peter Shen was asked, There are many ways to earn your ASA tokens can...
  5. C

    Powh3d, more interesting than you would think.

    Powh3d is a a pretty controversial token at the moment, either you hate it, or you love it. The project is a decentralized exchange where you can trade etherium for p3d tokens. This exchange could also be same as some kind of "game", as there are multiple strategies you could choose from...
  6. D

    Downtrend continues

    Now the mood of investors is still vague and trading operations are now mainly carried out by speculators. At the weekend it became known that another major project (Twitter) will soon ban advertising. The Japanese exchange Coincheck will stop servicing trades with three anonymous...