1. founderofcryptocurrency

    What effect does the network upgrade have on Bitcoin cash?

    Bitcoin cash price At any time, the price of bitcoin cash has been the focus of many owners. The BCH's upgrade will also have a certain impact on its price. Many experts speculate that the hard fork of bitcoin cash on May 15 will push the market value of BCH back to the top three. A Twitter...
  2. maydayqin

    What are the misconceptions about Bitcoin Cash?

    Since the creation of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), it has been the focus of many investors. They know that bitcoin cash (BCH) is a very potential digital currency. However, bitcoin cash has been filled with many controversies and misunderstandings since its appearence. So what exactly is the truth about...
  3. maydayqin

    The future price of bitcoin cash became the focus of investors’ attention

    Bitcoin cash is a blockchain-based point-to-point cryptocurrency that allows users to conduct transactions directly without the intervention of a middleman or third party. Since the creation of Bitcoin Cash, there have been many forecasts of its price. Especially when the bitcoin cash price...