1. CryptoTC

    Ethereum Classic not on fire after listing

    The markets overall are down big over the last few days. However, many were hoping the new capability of buying Ethereum Classic (ETC) on large crypto exchange Coinbase would help support or even bump up prices. The coin, a fork of Ethereum diverged after the DAO contentious split, had shown...
  2. The CC Forums

    Coinbase Pro open Pounds Sterling pairs

    From the News section. COINBASE ADDS SUPPORT FOR POUNDS STERLING Expected to be down to the final step of trading for retail customers within a few weeks. Pro users will be able to start trading in a few days, along with Coinbase Prime institutional customers.
  3. BitFit

    Coinbase ETC trading and new instant buying

    The latest from Coinbase today indicates ETC trading will start tomorrow! Ethereum Classic (ETC) is launching on Coinbase Pro We announced final testing for Ethereum Classic (ETC) last Friday, with a goal of accepting ETC transfers for exchange users by Tuesday August 7th. Our testing has gone...
  4. The CC Forums

    Coinbase Custody News/Updates

    We covered some of Coinbase’s plans in our Pro introduction. Coinbase Custody is probably second in importance only to the new Pro trading platform. The two services are complementary and intended to make crypto buying and trading more accessible to institutions and mainstream professional...
  5. The CC Forums

    Coinbase Pro Screenshots and GDAX comparison

    From the home page article: Cryptocurrency platform Coinbase has been rapidly expanding their product line in 2018. They want to broaden their appeal to institutional investors with new products bundled as Coinbase Suite. This line of products includes Coinbase Custody that allows institutions...
  6. C

    UN Works with IOTA, for Higher Efficiency

    On May 25th,2018, UN announced that UNOPS(The United Nations Office for Project Service) will team up with IOTA, to optimize official workflows and enhance the efficiency of work. IOTA uses a special technique called Tangle which is built on a mathematical concept known as Directed Acyclic...
  7. The CC Forums

    Coinbase Pro to replace GDAX interface

    Looks like I’ll be revising our wonderful GDAX guides. Sigh... GDAX is now Coinbase Pro – The Coinbase Blog Anyone familiar with GDAX should have no problems switching to CB Pro. See screenshots below. “Today we’re announcing that GDAX — our professional trading platform for...
  8. The CC Forums

    Coinbase dominance per Wash Post

    A lot of bitcoin traditionalists don’t like the role Coinbase plays, but there is no doubt the exchange was key a part of the market surge in 2017. With all the talk of their system upgrades and institutional product rollout, it remains to be seen how much interest Wall Street will have. In...
  9. The CC Forums

    Coinbase growing rapidly

    Washington Post did a feature on Coinbase and its market dominance, recent expansions and regulation compliance stance. More at this link Move deliberately, fix things: How Coinbase is building a cryptocurrency ******
  10. CryptoTC

    Coinbase rolls out institutional products

    This should be getting a huge response from the markets. First Goldman Sachs, then the NYSE. Now Coinbase is setting up to offer institutional products and a method of storage for institutional investors. “Introducing Coinbase Markets Coinbase already offers the deepest pool of liquidity to...