crypto investing

  1. juliusliu

    Bitcoin $8500 9/24/19

    Bitcoin has long been known to be the most valuable of cryptocurrencies, indeed, regardless of the time and value of the issue. More importantly, its limited nature, with a total of only 21 million in bitcoin, can be said to be very precious. The price of Bitcoin has risen and fallen, and it...
  2. BitFit

    What alts will survive now?

    Nice write up on getting started as the first post in this section. You may want to sticky that if you plan on adding more advanced steps as new posts. So, bitcoin we all want again. What else do we all want? Ethereum because the VM will eventually have apps running on it. XRP because banks...
  3. The CC Forums

    Taking the leap into crypto

    As bitcoin and crypto seem to be coming out of the painful bear market, it looks like web traffic for crypto investing is again increasing. There’s a slight uptick in people interested in getting started. So I just added this forum for discussing crypto investing how-to tips, advice, problem...
  4. R

    Video and analysis about OmiseGO.

    Hey, Guys! Let me share a very interesting video and analysis about OmiseGO. This completely and clearly explains how it works in a very simple way!
  5. R

    "Great live update and trading of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash.

    "Great live update and trading of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash. This guy Ed is really good!"
  6. The CC Forums

    Crypto should be in every portfolio

    I found this Medium post on Reddit. Some compelling reasons to consider allocating a portion of your holdings to crypto. Framing the Cryptoasset Investment Opportunity – HGR Digital Asset Group – Medium
  7. CryptoTC

    Portfolio allocations

    Interesting question. Please no one answer with exact dollar amounts or values. What % of your total investment portfolios have you committed to crypto? You can answer in terms of the original cost basis, such as I started with X% but price appreciation has outpaced my other investments, so...
  8. The CC Forums

    Using Coinbase Pro order options

    From the updated front page article previously posted for GDAX interface. Coinbase Pro replaces the popular cryptocurrency exchange GDAX for buying and selling bitcoin, bitcoin cash, litecoin, ethereum classic and ethereum. Experienced traders prefer Pro over Coinbase due to its low fees and...
  9. BitFit

    Dollar cost averaging now?

    Is anyone sticking to a defined regular investment in bitcoin or crypto in general? It would seem like times like this are good for dollar cost averaging but I can’t make the commitment. I probably should though. What exchanges let you do this automatically besides Coinbase?
  10. CryptoTC

    Coinbase rolls out institutional products

    This should be getting a huge response from the markets. First Goldman Sachs, then the NYSE. Now Coinbase is setting up to offer institutional products and a method of storage for institutional investors. “Introducing Coinbase Markets Coinbase already offers the deepest pool of liquidity to...