1. The CC Forums

    Libra coin

    since it’s a hot topic, I created a Libra forum. Put all news, updates, questions, info etc in this forum please. Thank you.
  2. The CC Forums

    Initial exchange offerings

    Will this new method of token release help keep the pure scam projects out and help bring the better projects along? Assuming the exchange does good due diligence, the projects with no hope of ever creating a working product could be weeded out. Or are they just another method for exchanges to...
  3. Ruby

    Cryptocurrency quantitative arbitrage

    There are many global digital currency exchanges, and the same currency in market is not always effective in pricing due to many factors affecting. The same pair has spread among two or more exchanges. As long as there is a spread, there is arbitrage. Arbitrage through spreads is basically risk...
  4. cryptoforfun

    Latest news about cryptocurrency

    I will post the latest news about cryptocurrency. :)
  5. C


    Get Free Tokens With TAU Coin As from 1st August we are launching our testnet and web wallet and we have an offer ending in the next 24 hours. Get your Free TAU Coins today by visiting our site and clicking on The Free Token link is on the right hand side next to specification...
  6. Rajesh Shirsagar

    Facts About Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

    What are some unknown facts about blockchain and cryptocurrency technology ?
  7. Rajesh Shirsagar

    Cryptocurrency Investment Tools

    Which are the cryptocurrency investment tools ?
  8. Buenoscoin

    Some information about BUENOS COIN

    What are the objectives of Buenos? Buenos is a bespoke cryptocurrency and blockchain, designed for the sole purpose of benefiting the Argentinian people. It does this by improving their economy with an ecosystem of technologies which grant Argentinians completely autonomy over their funds...
  9. The CC Forums

    Waltonchain overview

    From the main page Featured section: Waltonchain, named after Charlie Walton, the inventor of RFID technology, is a Chinese based cryptocurrency project that focuses on using RFID tags in relation to a blockchain. The basic underlying idea of the project is that the world is on the brink of a...
  10. Buenoscoin

    Co-founder of Google says that mine Ethereum together with his son

    Google co-founder and president of Alphabet, Sergey Brin, revealed that he is mining ether with his 10-year-old son. The 9th richest man in the world assured that the Blockchain technology is "really amazing" and highlighted the possibility of registry authentication and ZCash zero knowledge...