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    Make forums requests here

    Have a favorite token or a suggestion for a subject that you think deserves its own forum? Start a separate thread here with complete info, and we’ll move the best threads into their own forum. Material must be in-depth, simple shilling won’t do. Commercial posts for products, platforms, apps...
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    Brief history of Ethereum and tokenization

    From the Featured section of the main page. Questions and discussion welcome. When Bitcoin went live in January of 2009, it seemed that the peer-to-peer payment system had grasped the full potential of blockchain. After all, for the first time, Bitcoin allowed for a decentralized payment...
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    Ready, Traders? Meet Columbus - Epicenter of Decentralization

    With the digital release of “Ready Player One” coming out tomorrow (followed by Blu-ray on July 24), it got me thinking. If you recall, the events of the movie take place in Columbus, which thanks to a VR revolution, is the fastest growing city on Earth. As it happens IRL, the author of the...
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    How/Why everyone should use The Brave Browser (short read)

    Everyday blockchain use (No Payment Required) Part 1. The Brave Browser Everyone thinks that blockchain is this far off nebulous technology that will someday disrupt big brother, and man, do I hope that happens. But until it does, we can start supporting blockchain technology in our everyday...
  5. M

    Seriously, who buys 'Jokecoins'?!

    Analysis of 'jokecoins' and the reasons why people decide to buy them! People actually pay money for these useless tokens — You must be joking?! The article takes a look at Dogecoin (of course), but also some lesser known jokecoins: - Useless Ethereum Token - **** Trump Coin - Jesus Coin -...
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    New tool i've been working on to discover/research ERC20 Tokens and check Ethereum addresses

    Trivial Its a powerful network explorer which gives stats, news and advanced search. Full functionalities outlined in this article - How to use to explore the Ethereum network Hopefully its useful - any feedback and/or shares much appreciated!
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    Blockchain of Things — cool things happen when IoT & Distributed Ledger Tech collide

    I wrote an article on IoT projects built on top of Ethereum. Blockchain of Things — cool things happen when IoT & Distributed Ledger Tech collide Blockchain and IoT are both groundbreaking technologies, that will see increasing adoption in the next few years. By combining them, will they...
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    Lending on the Blockchain with ERC20 Tokens - should banks be scared?

    There are a number of reasons why using blockchain for borrowing and lending makes sense, especially when it comes reducing fees, cutting out middlemen, and operating in a trustless and transparent environment. The article below dives deep into the benefits (and drawbacks) of blockchain...
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    Other Tokens Section

    Please feel free to post threads in this section on tokens and projects not listed elsewhere on the sites. Requests for separate token forums are welcome. Topics that generate a lot of interest will be moved to their own forum as needed. Thank you.