1. CryptoTC

    Unikrn betting announcements

    Anyone know a general timeline on when eSports betting will be legalized and what countries will lead the way? Can you place bets on the Unikrn platform right now and cash in your winnings on a crypto exchange?
  2. S

    ANN Huge news coming July 9th/10th for UKG and the crypto space.

    From Rahul Sood's medium page: From Pac-Man to Fortnite, Unikrn is Reading the Arc of History "In July we plan to unveil a project and partnership that will create unprecedented liquidity for cryptocurrencies and change the face of fintech. We are working to solve the biggest issues creating...
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    Trade UKG on alanmaster's Watchlist

    "UnikoinGold (on Watchlist) - Possible Gold" by trader alanmasters — published July 02, 2018
  4. The CC Forums

    eSports betting set to grow rapidly

    UnikoinGold (ERC20 token) is poised to take a big slice of the pie according to the Washington Post. Esports bookmaking? Globally, it’s already a billion-dollar gambling industry