1. juliusliu

    Analysis of litecoin to btc chart in today

    Yesterday's report said that Litecoin's price will rebound today, and may even break through $80. The data obtained from citicoins (a comprehensive cryptocurrency website) is basically the same as yesterday's forecast, However, the magnitude of the increase, not as predicted, not exceed $80...
  2. A

    Litecoin (LTC) value could rise to 4 digits sooner than everyone expects

    Litecoin (LTC) is one of the tokens that has been in the market for a decent time now, but even as it is one of the oldest coins in the crypto environment, its prices continue to be under the expectations of many, a fact that raise a lot of concern and doubts regarding whether the coin is...
  3. A

    Litecoin $ 1.000,00 this year

    Yes... I believe in this coin... confiable, strong, present in all big Exchanges... good news everytime... 2018 wil be the year of Litecoin. A target of 1.000,00 is very real... also all marketcap cryptos will target around 2~3 trillions this year. And... rumors that facebook could partner with it.
  4. BitFit

    Will litecoin ever be adopted?

    When I first got into bitcoin, a lot of people were touting bitcoin as a way to store money and invest or to prevent corrupt governments from taking your money. Then a lot of people also said litecoin is more likely to become a payment method because it’s faster and cheaper. But nothing has...
  5. laura elley

    If Bitcoin can return to $20K this year, the bubble may never burst

    The dreams of Lambos have gone up in smoke for most people now that BTC has dropped below $6K. So we already know the correction is in full effect. But instead of dwelling on that for the moment, let’s start looking to the future and what it holds for the markets. And in this case, i believe...
  6. GrounBEEFtaxi

    Chancoin($chan) the imageboard cryptocurrency

    Chancoin is an imageboard community driven cryptocurrency that focuses on carving an economic niche for the outer fringes and trendmakers of the internet. Sites such as 4chan, 8chan and all other imageboard culture is what the coin is tailored for. A concise write up of our coin and what's...
  7. S

    What cryptocurrency is better to invest?

    Hi everyone! I found many different cryptos, but realy have no idea what exactly crypto is better to invest. Do I need to diversify the portfolio or should I just pick up the one currency among this list, for example?
  8. The CC Forums

    GDAX Orders Explained

    GDAX has a great set up for crypto investors and traders, but the interface and various trade options can be a little intimidating for investors new to placing trades. If this includes you, be sure to read our guide to Entering GDAX Orders and Trades. Feel free to pop in here with any...
  9. J

    Coinbase Crash

    Anyone have issues withdrawing their wallet yesterday?
  10. The CC Forums

    Getting started with Coinbase

    We put our guide at this link: Coinbase Be sure to post any questions you may have using Coinbase. Comments are welcome. Coinbase certainly has its share of customer service woes as the crypto industry undergoes rapid expansion. But with the largest number of account holders in the crypto...