1. BitFit

    XRP price recovery?

    With XRP and overall crypto prices rising finally, will we see ripple restart a decent price climb? I had high hopes for this one and thought it would hold up while other alts weakened but it’s down to 1/10th its high like every other crypto. Disappointed and wondering whether to hold, sell or...
  2. CryptoTC

    Ripple popular with celebs. When moon?

    From Clinton speaking at Swell, Madonna partnering for charities, Ashton Kutcher donating $4 M to Ellen’s charity ) And Snoop Dog playing their employee celebration, Ripple certainly seems to be rounding up the star power in Q2-Q3 2018. Banks, celebs, governments...and yet no positive...
  3. EthanLian

    Good News, Dubai Web Firm is Accepting Ripple as a Payment

    Recently, Ultimez Technology, which is one of the top web design companies has confirmed new cryptocurrency payment solution for web, digital, and branding solution. Hence, all the web services are carried out by accepting cryptocurrencies –especially Ripple — as a mode of payment at its Dubai...
  4. The CC Forums

    XRP Long-term outlook

    Just posted this on the home page. XRP Hodor has been punishing regular updates and op-ed pieces on XRP. His latest contribution XRP: The Best Crypto Choice for Long-Term Investors - The Cryptocurrency Forums Of course, all of his blog posts can be found on his WordPress page at XRPHodor.
  5. The CC Forums

    Ripple’s XRP donated to Ellen live

    This should raise some eyebrows about the ease of use of cryptocurrency in general and XRP specifically. Good stuff.
  6. CryptoTC

    Ripple has been quiet lately

    I’m not hearing much in the crypto news world from Ripple lately. Anyone have any juicy tidbits or even links to announcements or news items on XRP? I’m not even hearing the usual naysayers trying to downplay things in the banking world.
  7. CryptoTC

    Ripple being sued over XRP

    This borders on ridiculous. Class action lawsuit filed by a guy who claim XRP is unlawfully offered for sale after he loses 32%. No one makes you buy. No one makes you sell. It’s a risky investment. The only people that win in class action lawsuits are the lawyers. Plaintiffs will get a coupon...
  8. The CC Forums

    XRP Q1 2018 Markets Report

    Q1 2018 XRP Markets Report | Ripple Q1 2018 XRP Markets Report Apr 25, 2018 | Miguel Vias To continue to provide transparency to the XRP ecosystem globally, we share regular updates on the state of the market, including quarterly sales, relevant XRP-related announcements and commentary on...
  9. The CC Forums

    Snoop Dog and Ripple

    Really Ripple? Haven’t we had enough failed celebrity affiliations with crypto lately? Is XRP going after the ********* industry endorsement since banks won’t? Banks. Oh...wait. Snoop Dogg to Perform at Ripple's Blockchain Week NYC Party - CoinDesk The company announced Tuesday that Snoop...
  10. The CC Forums

    Ripple’s Schwartz on blockchain and coding

    This is a good overview on concepts behind not only bitcoin, blockchain and Ripple, but also an overview of coding languages that can be used to program blockchain apps and processes.