A New Digital Currency Platform Based On CSC Is Coming Soon


In recent years, the rapid development of blockchain has quietly changed the financial sector today, and its decentralized nature has undoubtedly brought tremendous impetus to the development of digital currency. Looking back at the history of digital currency development, of BTC and ETH is only the true decentralization until now. Due to partial decentralization, Teams will be more or less controlling the market. After stripping off some of the decentralized disguises, we find that the digital money market now exposes the problem of“soft consensus mechanism”, which is a consensus mechanism built by creators and capitalists, and participation in the digital currency. For the sake of“strong consensus mechanism” protection for all participants, the stability of digital currency is bound to be difficult to guarantee. So far, we launched based on the "strong consensus mechanism" for the operation of the core of the intentional community - Consensus Sharing Community.

Technical extension of NEO intelligent economy

CSC's underlying trading system is based on the concept of complete decentralization represented by BTC. In addition, the NEO Smart Economy 2.0 system was developed and the Smart Economy 3.0 was initially completed. Therefore, the USDT with better price stability and popular popularity will be used as the cross-chain fusion target in the initial stage. Compared with BTC, which has high mining difficulty and weak consensus mechanism, the advantages of USDT are undoubted. As the project progresses, we will also introduce another excellent operating system ETH / EO S and so on.

Intensive transaction destruction algorithm deep integration

Based on the access of NEO cross-chain fusion technology, we have created a transaction destruction algorithm based on this. Participants merged with the UDST block and CSC block data. In the process of integration, the tokens produced by the CSC block will be paid as a fee to the USDT, of course only 80% CSC (we call it destruction). The remaining 20% will be distributed as rewards to participants of the interactive fusion. CSC this "destruction" would make the ratio of the number of CSC circulation gradually decreased, which led CSC to enhance the value. The algorithm of cross-chain fusion transaction destruction has once again strengthened the decentralization concept of CSC trading platform. With the increase of consensus users, the mandatory consensus mechanism will also be recognized by more community users.

Cooperative fusion rate

Since the convergence of CSC needs to be completed by the whole network, we have a synergistic rate in terms of rate. This is to prevent the convergence efficiency of any one block from being affected and the whole fusion rate is affected. Therefore, it is implanted in the early stage of CSC. The synergy rate, which is to optimize the BTC 's node computing power requirements, as the BTC computing power increases, the BTC rewards obtained by the miners will be greatly reduced, and the cost will increase a lot. Therefore, the advantage of the CSC synergy rate will make the number of CSC awards obtained by participants will not fluctuate greatly.

Decentralized ecosystem layout

Based on the fully decentralized CSC consensus community, we will gradually complete the integration of other high-quality public chains, and we firmly believe that the value of the future digital currency will grow steadily within the CSC consensus system. On the other hand, we will closely focus on knowledge. Communication, game betting, personal investment, idle auctions, etc., build a community ecosystem that belongs to everyone. In this ecological circle, we will promote the construction of the community around these several major directions, helping community users to enhance their personal knowledge, enrich their entertainment life, expand investment channels, realize the realization of idle assets and so on. The construction of the ecological circle will greatly exert the potential of digital currency, and benefit everyone in the consensus community.

Community building planning worldwide

We will first support the Chinese community, the reason is that we have placed NEO's community building in foreign markets after the completion of NEO research and development , but the results show that this is a wrong plan, so we began to observe the dynamics of the global digital currency trading market and Data analysis found that the quality of participants in the Chinese community and the North American community is much higher than that of other countries. For North America, most of the world's top engineers are gathered here. For China, because they are keen In the development of the blockchain, Chinese participants are very intelligent and have a very strong belief in the development of future blockchains. On the other hand, because the team spirit of the participants in the Chinese community has the concept of CSC 's node integration, we have developed a node reward plan for the whole network with reference to the model of Chinese community construction on the node mechanism. Participants believe that China can be a good promotion of cross-chain integration and community building completed CSC CSC of China. We have introduced the introduction of CSC, we hope that more Chinese blockchain enthusiasts will participate, of course, we will gradually integrate participants from other countries.