A suspicious activity was detected while investigating the largest Ethereum wallets


AI-powered blockchain investigator ORS CryptoHound has uncovered unusual activity on the Ethereum, which took place on blockchain at the end of the past year.

By looking at the one hundred largest Ethereum transactions for the last quarter of last year and, the company found a strange pattern in the blockchain’s wealthy elite:

1. The six wealthiest wallets all transferred a sizeable sum of ether coins on the date in question — totaling almost $500 million at the time of the transactions.
2. Each of the wallets in question contained a 92-98 percent share of OmiseGo tokens (OMG).
3. The wallets were all seemingly created on the same day.
4. The wallets all cycled their holdings via multiple transactions in a notably similar manner until all of the initial tokens being tracked were divided equally among 39 new wallets containing exactly 150,000 ETH.

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