******* Ads and Drugs=Immediate Ban

Discussion in 'SITE info and feedback' started by The CC Forums, Oct 6, 2019.

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    We have a strict policy here of keeping the forums open only for discussions of legal topics. No ads, discussion or info regarding ******* sites, markets or pages are allowed.

    Over the last 2 weeks, numerous posts have been removed. Beginning today, anyone posting links to ******* markets or referring to ******* pages or service will have the post removed and will be immediately banned and access permanently blocked. It simply will NOT be tolerated in any section.

    The same goes for ads for illegal substances. We recognize that legalization of certain substances is occurring in multiples states and countries. But we are not an exchange for those substances, we cannot be held responsible for their sale to people living in states or countries where they are banned.

    In other words, this site is NOT HERE FOR YOUR PROMOTIONAL USE. If you plan on registering to post this type of info, don’t even bother signing up. This activity is not welcome here. No exceptions will be granted in any section of the forums.

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