All Rosy for Cryptocurrencies As Rockefellers to Invest in Blockchain Startups

Discussion in 'Crypto News' started by Harsh Bhutani, Apr 17, 2018.

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  1. Harsh Bhutani

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    All Rosy for Cryptocurrencies As Rockefellers to Invest in Blockchain Startups

    The venture capital arm of the Rockefeller family is moving into the cryptocurrencies arena. With an aim helping entrepreneurs launch blockchain-based businesses, Venrock is partnering with CoinFund, the cryptocurrency investor group.
    Moreover, Xiong’An established Global Blockchain Innovation Fund worth 10 billion yuan or $1.6 billion towards the promising blockchain startups in China. It was during the grand opening of the Hangzhou Blockchain Industrial Park in China that the announcement was made.
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  2. The CC Forums

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    Institutional money will be the 2018 driving force in crypto. It just remains to be seen which coins and how high prices can go.
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  3. CryptoTC

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    It’s definitely building up some steam with new investors expected via Goldman Sachs and with exchanges announcing expansions and upgrades. We just have to wait and see when the upward pressure finally translates into price moves.

    I think anyone sitting on the sidelines at this point risks missing a rally. Again just my opinion though. I have my own investment plans, don’t take my words as advice. Can we ever get away from saying that? Of course it’s just opinion. No one should invest based on a message board post.
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