[ANN] GDOG ($GDOG) - The Rise of GDOG


Website: GDOG- The Rise of GDOG
Twitter: https://twitter.com/gdogcoin
Telegram Global: GDOG

DOG - The first Dogcoin launching artificial-free food for bigger dogs and splitting 10% of the profits with $GDOG HOLDERS!


GDOG is audited & KYCed by InterFi Audits and SAFU is provided by Trynos - PinkSale Official Partners.

• 2% of every buy/sell is taken (total 4%) and redistributed to all $GDOG holders in $BUSD so even in a bear market you will earn stable coin!
• 4% reserved for marketing. Community-driven marketing (Marketing pick) - transparent marketing wallet & Community voting options for every marketing source (non-stop marketing machine)
• Monthly Lottery to make a chance on life changing money
• 3% to liquidity pool with no access to LP tokens
• 1% reserved for abused dogs, especially pitbulls as they face systemic, relentless abuse and neglect.

What makes GDOG one of the safest projects in the space:

• Yunus emre Sahbaz (MMA Champion) as our Ambassador
• All project tokens locked for minimum of 30 days!
• Liquidity locked for one year
• LP tokens sent to dead address
• No Blacklist
• SAFU developer must hold the ownership in 14 days so no RUG possible​