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We are glad to announce the beginning of the long-awaited RESS swap on RESQ.

Swap Platform is available for registration at: swap.resqchain.org. Basic instruction for Renesis Coin (RESS):

- Register on the Swap platform website (swap.resqchain.org), then go to the control panel (Dashboard) and click on the (+) sign (Add new pair). Next, select RESQ Chain - general information about the current swaps will be available as well as their ratio (Ratio) and Commission (Fee), history and management (Manage) will also be available on the tab. Select open swap "Renesis RESS" by clicking (+ Add).

- Next, a window will open “Add the Swap Pair For Renesis to Resq Chain” request address of your wallet RESQ v3.1.2.1. Enter your RESQ address where you would like to receive the exchanged RESQ. Be sure to enter the wallet address by COPYING, if you enter incorrectly, you will lose all your coins! Confirm the entered RESQ address with the (Add pair) button.

- Next, the system will send you to the tab “Your Swap Pairs”, where you can see the new block "RESS→RESQ", click on the Swap details button. Deposit Address is the address assigned to you Sharing platform, to send you Renesis (RESS) coins (only send RESS to this address! any other coins will be rejected and lost forever!). RESQ (Resq Chain) Destination Address - the address you specified earlier, to which the system will send the new exchanged RESQ coins (check again that you entered this address correctly!).

- The Swap platform checks all active addresses for transactions every 15 minutes and processes them in the queue automatically.

- If you have any questions or need help, please contact channel #swap-support RESQ Discord.

- The Swap ratio is 70:1. Exchange (Swap) Renesis Coin (RESS) at RESQ Chain will be available until 16.04.2009 00:00:00 UTC.


RESQ now offers a Swap Guarantee for new and existing projects to boost investor confidence.

Coin teams can buy a guarantee that should their coin ever be abandoned, or the team is unable to proceed with their goals, RESQ will guarantee a swap to RESQ for that coin based on the package they have taken. More info can be found on resqchain.org.

Also we have released our first test offer in RESQ Chain wallet (Proposals tab). Masternode owners can vote for the offer by going to the Proposals in their wallet and clicking on the test offer.



Have you already got acquainted with the new public functions of the RESQ platform: rental coin swap, scan exploits, code base inspection? Now we have launched a Referral Program for RESQ services, you can earn 10% of the total amount spent on RESQ services for anyone you refer. Please check the #referral-program channel RESQ Discord for how to participate.