Are we really “investing” or just playing around


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Seriously. I just posted in the UnikoinGold section, a token that I was fervently supporting over a year ago.

If functioning platforms like Ripple and Unikrn have associated cryptocurrencies that aren’t going anywhere or that offer no incentive to run a node, support the structure or advance the technology, where’s the investment component? If bitcoin exists only to pay miners who then sell bitcoin to exchanges where it is bought for speculation, where’s the investment?

If a functioning token has no value, why will any other crypto be worth anything? Logistics and tracking? Private chains and corporate servers. Amazon, Microsoft, UPS, Fedex, etc. Authentication? Each company will partner with a current blockchain provider or a large corporation to create a proprietary solution only they can implement. Transactions? Governments will issue their own cryptos and make cross-chain worldwide transactions cheap and easy. Ripple will own banks and currency transfer markets. Western Union and the other money transfer companies will issue their own tokens or just partner with Ripple.

I see a future with 10 cryptocurrencies surviving just as “stores of value” and tools for speculation. The rest are worthless. IMHO of course. Someone tell me I’m wrong.

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From the posts you dropped in yesterday, sounds like you have quite a few doubts. This is a frustrating period in crypto cycle. It could become the next PayPal, or it could go the way of 3D TV’s and VR. Lots of hype and potential, but never really adopted.

I wish I knew the answer. But it is massively disappointing to watch all the crap created in 2017-18 being traded on exchanges with zero chance at future use. They only exist for traders to trade.

That’s a new phenom in tech development. Developing “new technology” so people can trade it back and forth. Of course, I blame ICO’s just like you did last year. But ICO customers share the blame too.