Bitcoin Being Used for Blackmail


I just got an email that I pasted below the asterisks. The only thing they have right is an old password that I still use for forums I’ve belonged to for years. Mostly computer and photography related forums. They are telling me they have videos from a porn site and my web cam and well, you can read the email. I do not have a web cam, nor do I use Messenger, Outlook or Facebook. I removed my password from the email. Their BTC address is listed, tho I removed the last 4 characters for the purpose of posting here. They are demanding $1,000 within 24 hours. I do believe this is a scam of some sort. If I click on reply, there is no address and if I try to look at all headers in the email, it is not available. Never seen that before. Is there a way to trace this person and find out who they are? I am not sending them anything.

One thing I did notice the other day is that a proxy program I run always in Firefox got turned off the other day. That’s never happened before.


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They ask for payment in bitcoin so they can’t be tracked and charges can’t be reversed or faked.

Totally random emails. Be sure to run anti-virus and anti-malware software to keep your systems clean just in case they are data mining your info. Don’t click any attachments in those emails.

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You didn’t actually copy the email but I’m sure it’s a scam like the others said. One thing I found recently is a Reddit scams section where people report scams and ask questions. Not just crypto scams but everything. This is one of them.