Bitcoin Long-term Investment Opportunity


Invest and earn passively at Global Invest Assets Limited Company with as low as $100 for a starter with 10% Referral bonus on each investor you referred.+plus $10 instant registration bonus.
In other words, Global Invest Assets Limited offers everyone who wishes to have stable extra earnings in the long term to invest in our platform. Once you make a deposit, you will start getting daily interest and continue earnings until your investment duration expires. After that you can either withdraw your deposit or invest it again for another term to continue getting daily interest. The money which we attract through our website will be used to increase our current assets and consequently increase our profit to share it with you as our investor.

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1.2% daily for 120 days
Min Dep = $100
Max Dep = $1000
Referral Commission = 10%

1.6% daily for 105 days
Min Dep = $2000
Max Dep = $12000
Referral Commission = 10%

8% Weekly for 14 weeks + your capital
Min Dep = $15,000
max Dep = $50000
Referral Commission = 10%

8% monthly for Lifetime
Min Dep = $30,000
Max Dep = $1000000
Referral Commission = 15%

16% monthly for 24 months
Min Dep = $50,000
Max Dep = $1,000,000
Referral Commission = 15%

15% Monthly for Lifetime
Min Dep = $100,000
Max Dep = $50,000,000
Referral Commission = 15%
Bonus details
Free registration
Instant withdrawals
$10 registration bonus
Zero charges
24/7 active customer support service
Ref. commission 10%-15%
Trusted and reliable


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