Bitcoin outflows up to 3.6 billion yuan


Today, the digital currency market is mixed, with a wave of rebounds in the morning, but the rebound between currencies is strong and weak. XRP coin is the strong currency that led the gains, and today's rebound is also leading. As of 8:00 this morning, the total market value of the 24-hour digital currency market was US$213.26658 billion, a decrease of approximately US$3.7 billion from yesterday, and the total volume of 24-hour transactions was US$1.622831 billion, an increase of approximately US$2.7 billion from yesterday.

In the news, Google will lift the comprehensive ban on cryptocurrency-related advertising in October, which will have a positive impact on the digital currency market.

Bitcoin price fell below the support level of the shoulder line. The long and short matchup here, the rebound of the weekly line has been relatively weak. Whether it can continue to rebound upwards depends mainly on whether the support level in the short-term day can be held.

The trend of ETH price is still similar to that of Bitcoin. It has once again fallen below the support of the shoulder line, and the flow of funds is similar. For the past few days, the two mainstream currencies are mainly shipped, and the amount is relatively large.

XRP once rushed high in the morning, but the breakthrough was weak, and it fell back. The current increase is narrowing. The trend of mainstream currencies such as BCH, EOS, and LTC are similar to those of BTC, etc., following the trend. The trend of XLM is similar to that of XRP. Before the increase, it has returned to the vicinity of the shoulder support position.

Top ten currencies for capital inflows

The top ten currencies for the net inflow of funds in the past 24 hours were XRP, DASH coin, OMG, TRX, USDT, GTO, AT, BI, OKB, INB, etc. XRP rebounded this morning and led the net inflow of 780 million RMB. DASH net inflow of 415 million yuan ranked second.