Bitcoin Wallets


I got scammed from BTC Mining, I lost USD 500 and since it's a huge amount I tried to search who can help me to recover my funds and I got this email id from investments sites and I heard a good comments from "their customers" so this is the email id and his name is jared clarkson. At first we are exchanging emails he asked for the username and password and they told me purchased one patch which is cost 0.016275 btc to run the system, so I transferred the amount his wallet address. then after that he told me that my wallet address is a exchange wallet address which he cannot transfer my fund to my wallet address. He asked me to download mycelium testnet and he will transfer the amount to mycelium testnet. After I downloaded the application he told me that the first btc tranfer should be 0.15btc but my funds from my pending withdrawalis 0.1215 btc only so I need to add 0.0285 btc and transfer to testnet wallet address to transfer the 0.15btc in my wallet. So I transferred 0.0285 again to testnet wallet. After transferring I sent email to him that I still didnt get the funds in my wallet address. and he told me that there is new policy from mycelium test net and the first transfer should be done only on their hardwallet approved partners which is trezor and ledger. For this there is one more additional payment that i need to transfer on his btc wallet 0.035. I already informed him so many times that I dont have funds, but I am still hoping to get my USD 500 with his help.

But after transferring the payment to him, He didnt responded to my email. I didnt received any reply from him and it is more than a month.

Now I think I got scammed once again by

Is there anyone who can tell me if that email id is a scammer?