ANN Bittrex CEO joins Unikrn BoA

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From Rahul Sood blog

Bill Shihara, the founder and CEO of Bittrex, has joined Unikrn’s BOA


I’m extremely pleased to announce that. Bill Shihara, the co-founder and CEO of Bittrex, is joining Unikrn’s board of advisors. Bittrex is one of world’s largest and best exchanges, and another startup from Seattle. Having his insight along with our existing managers and advisors is a game-changer for our future, but it should come as no surprise that Bill is interested in joining our movement.

Well before launching UnikoinGold, Unikrn was laying foundations to allow us to be a global leader in the future of esports and blockchain. We had already created use cases, product, customers and blueprints for future development.

As I’ve said many times, for Unikrn to realize its potential requires an immense amount of forward work. Both Blockchain and esports are cutting-edge fields that regularly see more change in a month than most industries face in years.

With the recent Supreme Court ruling – and the confusion that followed regarding how to classify esports – esports betting and government recognition of esports needs a leader like Unikrn to help shine a light on the space.

It means everything that we are prepared, that we are scanning the horizon, that we are building for the future, and that we are working fully within existing regulations. We’re ahead of the game, and we have the technology to build a stable foundation where other companies can’t even walk.

And very soon we’ll be launching a separate joint venture that will have leviathan implications in the crypto world as a whole, increasing usage for cryptocurrencies and ease of trading for Blockchain assets as a whole. I’m proud that we are spotting and solving existing problems in the Blockchain economy not only for the good of UnikoinGold, but for the advancement of Blockchain technologies across the board.

Unikrn’s goal when launching UnikoinGold was to create a singular gaming experience based around the security and simplicity of a utility token. Bill’s contributions from Unikrn’s board of advisors is perfectly timed alongside the final stretches of development for additional cryptocurrency-powered gaming and esports applications, including crypto esports betting in Europe.

Bill will provide incomparable insight and direction for increasing UKG adoption and security, and he provides the insight of one of the world’s most qualified crypto leaders as more applications, exchanges and groups are brought into the UKG network,.

Unikrn has even more ambitious aspirations ahead, including a potential future listing on a security-approved exchange (among other upcoming non-UKG crypto partnerships).

We are still working on our content, our platform, our tournaments, our esports team ownership, our partnerships within the NBA2K League, and our live events among other endeavors. Stop by The Park in Las Vegas tomorrow to get a taste of how we’re bringing esports and gaming into new arenas.

Every single day we get closer. Today’s horizon is tomorrow’s stomping ground. That Bill is joining our journey should tell you everything you need to know about how serious we are, and how seriously you should take us.