BMC likely Ponzi


Another extremely likely Ponzi is BMC invest . com. They claim high payouts and guaranteed returns via precious metals holdings. They claim registration in UK with primary site of metals mining in Canada, but their web site is gibberish poorly translated English. A true UK-based legit company would not have these paragraphs in their “light paper”

“BMC has officially have the legality, which answer all the needs of the community to ensure their money in panuh in the investment is executed.
Problem matika often happens in community investment, they fear will lose money they are not real. However, MBC answer all these solutions are real.
We give the value of the investment is very small, which can be done by the students though. Profit-making which we give is the value of the investment in the real of what we do overall.
MBC focuses on the value of the investment and loan peromdalan in the growth of the company. That is done in a platform in order to support the ease in investing in our company.”

Bottom line: 99% certain its a Ponzi that relies on new money and customer commissions, and it will disappear at some point like bitconnect and bitpetite. Stay away.

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Thank you for that.

We get promotional posts daily for that site. Most are placed in inappropriate sections of,the forum, and they get deleted. I agree with you that it looks quite sketchy, and no further promotional posts will be allowed on this site.

Any user posting a link to BMC will have post deleted. Any username created solely for purpose of posting BMC referral links will be banned.


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It seems to me that reporting of scams has slowed recently. Hopefully this means investors are smarter now and know how to spot them.

Stay vigilant. Everyone wants your money. Only you can keep it safe.