Common scams explained

Discussion in 'Scams' started by CryptoTC, Apr 19, 2018.

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  1. CryptoTC

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    In a new thread by @The CC Forums in this section, there is a YouTube video on specific recent crypto scams. That jogged my memory of seeing Chris Dunn talk about general scam types. I thought I’d share that here to help beginners and maybe even experienced investors.

    He covers scam ICO’s, Ponzis and pump and dump along with crypto “influencers.” That last category is a more subtle form of scam if the influencer or associates are looking to sell after an artificial price hike. Illegal in stocks but frequent in the unregulated world of crypto.
  2. Tyron Stark

    Tyron Stark Contributor

    Great thread, I hope more people see this. It's very necessary, many people fall into scams :s
  3. The CC Forums

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    I’m glad to see it’s still up after the Christmas crypto video purge and regurge by You-Rubes.

    Their new content policies are all over the place now. One minute it’s a strike, the next it isn’t. Similar videos are treated differently. One gets taken down while another just like it stays up.

    I think YT has some challenges on its hands going forward if they want to remain on top of the video hosting game. Creators don’t want to be at their whim.

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