Communication and Engagement


Projects are born with an idea, and they build them to reach the idea by aiming to function better everyday. This goes with the crypto projects as well. Just because they are not building buildings or providing health services does not mean that they should not have an function that effect people's lives. The ones with no goal or utilities will be soon to disappear.

The humanity literally evolved by social interactions and gossips. In todays world it is never been easy to communicate with one another. But what about the people you follow and admire the most ? Influencers, celebrities these people was always impossible to reach and communicate. Well this is about the change. Thanks to blockchain technology and Inflow Token now we can provide private and personal contracts that leads people to their idle. The project and influencers offers engagement opportunities and when you purchase them, depends on what it is you buy literally time to spend with someone you admire. Communication was always important even if you are ceo of company or a student in school. It defines your character but sometimes you cannot build a relationship with anyone you like. The blockchain technology is about the change this whole ecosystem, comms and engagements will be the most convenient and safe way to build sustainable relationships.