Conventional Banks Intentionally Impede Crypto Companies


This is really sad and annoying! According to a new report, many of all those huge corporate banks are deliberately hindering crypto companies in conducting regular banking businesses that are necessary!

Report: Conventional Banking Giants Deny Access to Crypto and Blockchain Firms | AllStocks Network

This just shows how banks see decentralized monetary systems as a threat and how they want to limit their growth while taking over with their own platforms and systems. I don't think they can win this battle though, and ultimately digital currencies will become mainstream.


We should find opportunities in this untapped market, just wanted to say that all those people who deny the influence of cryptocurrencies are actually using them in some kind of way


Yeah definatly we are so proud to be search opportunities in this tapped market.. well cryptocurrency has a graet value in this era...


I think the banks only follow what the government says so yes it is not only the banks but the whole government too is hindering crypto.

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