Coupit is a NEP - 5 token built on the NEO block chain.


I think Coupit is a NEP - 5 token built on the NEO block chain. It is designed as an innovative marketing and incentive platform for companies and users.

they provide an e-commerce ecosystem that uses block chains to give incentives to referrals to build traffic to seller products through affiliate programs, and each business owner is the best in customer insight Make it easy to access marketing solutions.

Loyalty Program:

To encourage a network effect and create an ecosystem for the Coupit token, Coupit plans to introduce a loyalty program for merchants. The Coupit ecosystem will be powered by a token pair: Coupit (COUP) and Recoupit (RCPT).

Coupit has the utility of all platform transactions (advertising, purchasing, etc), while Recoupit is specifically designed to benefit holders of the Coupit token. Coupit holders will generate Recoupit tokens automatically based on the amount that they hold in their wallets.

Recoupit tokens can be used for promoting products on the Coupit platform or redeeming special offers presented by Coupit For more info