Crypto In 2019?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by pepeg, Mar 21, 2019.

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  1. luke.crypto.duke

    luke.crypto.duke Buys the dips

    Where the f do you see ads? I shared an interview. Advertising of what is it?!
  2. luke.crypto.duke

    luke.crypto.duke Buys the dips

    Interview about crypto. Not drugs lol
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  3. Hannguyen9694

    Hannguyen9694 Starting Investor

    After the attention that Libra gets I think cryptocurrency is promising. In fact, foundations trust more in blockchain technology than the cryptocurrency itself. Many of them have already adopted the technology into their systems like Samsung or EEA members. However, blockchain and cryptocurrency are always associated with each other one way or another. I believe 2019 will be an eventful year for crypto.

  4. The CC Forums

    Staff Member


    It looks like we deleted it under with the idea it was promoting a specific coin. I apologize if that wasn’t the case. Post it again and I’ll take a more thorough look.

    I’ve been traveling across Europe and only spot checking the site infrequently on poor cell service or train/plane WiFi, so it’s been hard to manage.

    And truthfully, I blocked the word “gram” because people are signing up and posting illegal drug ads usually including the word gram. I knew yours wasn’t that, it’s just an automatic filter. I wasn’t even aware of the Gram crypto project.

    I’ll adjust that one somehow. I just can’t have ads for illegal drugs in the forums, and if the only 2 people I have moderating miss one, we could get into deep crap.

    So let’s reset, repost and I’ll take a better look. Sorry if I over-reacted. I’m sensitive to following all worldwide laws. This is still an experiment site at this point. I can’t have my testing/training on internet site management put my day job at risk.

    We’re making some adjustments over the next few months to improve the finances because the subscription model isn’t working. The few ads you do see don’t bring in much revenue. No one likes ads.

    It was my hope to grow a community of like-minded serious cryptocurrency investors in it for the long haul using the low priced subscription model to filter out the junk posts and then remove all the ads completely except for Sponsors who are clearly labeled as such.

    We haven’t gotten there partly because of the sudden drop in crypto market pricing and then decrease in crypto web interest. The major players like CCN, CoinTelegraph, etc grab the best writers, and we can’t compete as a News site.

    So we have a schedule of content to roll out over the next 8 weeks covering topics in deeper fashion that will be valuable for longer than just this week’s news. We can then use the Forums for this week’s news.

    Thanks for your understanding and participation.
  5. luke.crypto.duke

    luke.crypto.duke Buys the dips

    It was an interview about Gram from a guy who works for a custodian (or whatever they call it) for big Gram investors. I decided to share it because there is not much news about Gram nowadays and people might be interested in it as I am.
  6. Riksi

    Riksi Buys the dips

    Where Ican read more about GRAM?
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