Crypto should be in every portfolio


Choosing how much to spend on crypto and when to buy and sell is the biggest open question.

A lot of crypto buyers seem to be 100% crypto. That’s why the huge market drop this year drove many away never to come back. In my opinion. Everyone needs to have savings account and other investments.

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The author is a crypto investment advisor though, so biased a little. Obviously we here at TCF share that same bias. ;)

His summary is really important to note:

“Oftentimes, people look at investing in crypto as this binary concept — do I invest given the asymmetric upside, or do I not invest because it’s a scam that could go to zero? This is a false dilemma. The reconciler is simply a matter of sizing. From a portfolio theory perspective, you have an asset that is non-correlated (volatile yes, but volatility that is unrelated to other investments) and therefore a true method of diversification that boosts the overall portfolio’s Sharpe Ratio, and with plenty of upside that is premised on secular and defensible trends. One must ask themselves, is it worth putting a dollar into the space? The answer is undoubtedly “yes.” How about two dollars, three, four — and you go from there. We believe every well-balanced portfolio includes a crypto allocation — and the only question is one of sizing.”