Crypto surging. Any ideas why?

Discussion in 'Crypto News' started by BitFit, Apr 3, 2019.

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  1. BitFit

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    What up with this rapid pop in prices? Is there a specific trigger or bit of news, or has the market finally bottomed and everyone decided to rush back in at the same time?

    Market manipulation, new money coming in, etc. Curious because knowing reasons for the price rise would help to guess whether its sustainable or just a quick up and down move. Trying to decide whether it’s time to buy a little more bitcoin and XRP and maybe add one or two highly regarded altcoins to my holdings.

    Anybody with some insight?
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    Welcome back. Long break from activity here? Thanks for signing up for premium. We’ve got to get some stuff going in there to benefit members and keep people subscribed. We’ve neglected that section for awhile when the market plummeted.

    I think there’s been a lot of positive news over the last several months that the market has shrugged off. I’ve pondered it here in a couple of other threads. I think investors believe its time to take advantage of the lower prices as news continues to improve.

    More interesting to me is that it’s happening two weeks before US tax filing deadline. That seems like an odd time for the market to bump. But then sticks are back in their bulk run too, so I guess Tax Day doesn’t matter as much as I would have thought.
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    The SEC issued guidance on what constitutes a security and what criteria can be used to determine if a crypto currency is a security or not.

    This may have some positive effects in the market overall, but once people have had time to digest which tokens might fall under the security definitions, look for those tokens to come under selling pressure.

    From Cointelegraph:

    US SEC Releases No-Action Letter Confirming TurnKey Jet ICO Tokens Are Not Securities
  4. koorper

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    Lots of things happening, thanks there are no big negative effects

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