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Discussion in 'Beginner Q&A' started by Darell, May 8, 2019.

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  1. Darell

    Darell Contributor

    Hello everyone, Bitcoin is currently my most favorite thing and i completely love the technology behind it out of which has spewed several other coins. I know its quite unclear for many how lucrative bitcoin is currently. i have earned thousands by following a less talked about approach which is trading.
    Trading is less affected by the speculative and unpredictable nature of cryptocurrency and with the right techniques and expertise, you can easily earn so much when others are actually making loses in an unstable market. There are several ways to make consistent profit from trading, i won't divulge into that for now but its sure worth your time in case you are interested in venturing into investing in Crypto and Digital Currencies, or perhaps you are trading them but you don't understand what you are doing, feel free to get in touch with me via email and I will be sure to guide and assist you with any information you may need to invest in these new and unpopular and alt currencies that are making waves at the moment. <redacted per TOS>
    Here is the thing nobody is talking about, bitcoin and Ethereum aren't the real success stories anymore.

    It's the smaller and unpopular new digital currencies that are rewarding investors with the next round of huge wins. For example , I recently obtained 27,000 coins in a tiny new digital currency for just 18.5 cents per coin. Those coins now trade for around $4 each- 1,981% higher. And I invested in another one that's jumped from $1.50 to $10.71. Yet this opportunity is just getting started.
  2. Old Man Crypto

    Old Man Crypto Expert chainblocker

    Retired, can’t remember from what.
    One step ahead
    Trading is also a way to lose huge amounts while generating taxable trades. Short-term trades that you might not fully deduct. You give one successful trade example. There are plenty of failures as well. As a matter of fact, the vast majority of people who try to short term trade lose money and quit.

    If it was easy, we’d all be multimillionaires.

    I bought NEM at $0.30, it’s now worth $0.06. Trading isn’t as easy as you make it out to be, and putting your email in there offering advice on trading is sketchy at best. Hopefully you aren’t scamming members here with the get rich quick trading myth and trying to get paid or offering to trade for them.
  3. The CC Forums

    Staff Member

    Sorry I didn’t catch that. Offering your contact info to help other trade or invest or give advice is against TOS because these things are almost always scam attempts. Email has been removed.

    Members be careful when other members offer personal contact via posts or private conversations. They likely are looking to scam you. We don’t see private conversations, so caveat emptor. Don’t send anyone your money to invest. Stick with well-known exchanges and sources.

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