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Discussion in 'SITE info and feedback' started by The CC Forums, Apr 26, 2018.

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    The Cryptocurrency Forums is looking for quality original content. We need feature-length content for the home page. We need detailed posts on several coins and projects. Freelance payment model based on article or post length and complexity. If you would like to submit paid content, please contact user @The CC Forums with samples or links to previous published material. You can also respond in this thread. Please specify your area of interest or experience.

    Payments are available in USD as well as several different cryptocurrencies. We will try to honor author payment method requests when legally possible.

    If you have a favorite project, coin or token, please share information on it in the appropriate section of the site. Posts for products or services offered on other sites must remain in the Marketplace section only. Commercial posts in other areas will be moved or deleted at the sole discretion of the moderators and site administrator.

    For those interested in entering our Ledger Nano S giveaway, post in this thread to automatically be entered for the May 4, 2018 random selection. One post per member only please.

    For general investing topics, info and news on markets, and crypto news in general, start in the Markets, News and Financials section of the site. Beginners should start here, and anyone wishing to share information on getting started in crypto can do so in that section. Please don’t post specific coins or advertise services or other sites in the beginners’ sections. Information on scams also can be posted in either the beginners area or the Markets, News and Financials area.

    For anyone wanting to post information on Ethereum and ethereum-based projects or tokens, please check The Ethereum Forums section of the site. If your favorite token isn’t listed as a separate forum node, feel free to post requests in the token forum request thread in the Ethereum General sub-forum. Consideration is given to project size and overall interest in the token.

    Requests for specific altcoin sub-forums should be posted in the Altcoins General section in this pinned thread. As with ethereum projects, consideration will be given to overall project visibility and community size.

    Thanks for reading. We look forward to questions, concerns, criticism and any other feedback you wish to provide. We want the site to reflect what the members wish to see. Please help us build a site you want to use.
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  2. Shayne

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    Hello @The CC Forums ! I'm an experienced freelance cryptocurrency writer who would love to write for The Cryptocurrency Forums. Please respond to this thread and provide information as to where I can send my CV with further details in a private manner. Thanks!
  3. The CC Forums

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    Send a PM to me @The CC Forums with your info and a link to a few samples along with areas of interest in crypto.

  4. Chilli19

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    I began to notice that this profession is becoming more in demand! Yes, specialists are terribly lacking
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