DASH rose strongly during the weekend, shining market


According to the data, BTC's latest transaction price is US$6,263.10, the highest price is US$6,359.60, the lowest price is US$6,170.00, and the volume is 16.1 million, up 0.13%. The latest transaction price of ETH is US$176.99, the highest price is US$196.12, and the lowest price is 174.25. The US dollar, with a volume of 527,500, a decrease of 4.04%; EOS's latest transaction price was 4.89 US dollars, the highest eos price reached 5.06 US dollars, the lowest price was 4.72 US dollars, and the trading volume was 6.0064 million, an increase of 1.21%.

DASH value has been extremely eye-catching since the weekend. DASH has maintained a clear volatility and rises in the wake of other major currency corrections. During the period, although the performance of the callback has also come out, the trend of steadily rising from last Thursday has been clear. The short-term dash market has become a clear upward trend line. With the recent wave of negative market resistance, the 191 line broke, and in the early morning of this morning, the market gave a wave of confirmation to stabilize the signal. In early trading, DASH ushered in a new round of acceleration. The current price is approaching 207. This early rise band has a strong resistance to the golden section.

For DASH, the strong performance that has been achieved in recent times has led to the short-term indicators in some cases, and the other currencies have lagged behind, so DASH is not allowed to correct the callback. For the time being, it is not recommended to chase more directly. After confirming that the 207 line has been completed and the stabilization is completed, a new round of multiple entry can be considered. The target is to see the high point 223 of the previous double top.

If the market unexpectedly falls below the key support of the 191 line, the 191-182 area will become the strongest defensive area for the bulls. Once the support belt is broken, the space below will be developed rapidly. Therefore, the empty order can be considered below 182, under the target below 158 line.