ANN Deracoin


Mr. Mark has some savings in his cryptocurrency wallet in the form of Bitcoin, Atrium, and Deracoin
. He is worried about how his wife and children would have access to his assets in cryptocurrency after his death! He does not want to leave his wallet password to his wife or child because he is worried that his family would withdraw money from his account for any reason or that they would be informed of the wallet's balance and how he chooses to spend it. He is worried that his assets will not be passed on to his remaining family members after his death, the assets would remain in his wallet and waste away without being useful to anyone. As a solution, he chooses the High Wallet for his cryptocurrency savings, activates and sets the second password option, and selects any time he prefers for the second password to be activated. For example, the 25-day option. So, if Mr. Mark has not been online for 25 days in a row, the second password would be activated automatically. Mr. Mark then provides his wife with the second password and says that if he dies, the password would become active after 25 days and this case, they could enter his wallet and withdraw from his balance.