Dollar cost averaging now?


Is anyone sticking to a defined regular investment in bitcoin or crypto in general? It would seem like times like this are good for dollar cost averaging but I can’t make the commitment.

I probably should though. What exchanges let you do this automatically besides Coinbase?


Crypto Fat Cat
Yes. Dollar cost averaging is a good way to lower the risk of a particular investment type. Most people can’t successfully time any market. Most who just try to move in and out get it wrong and then undermine their own gains.

I don’t have a link, but people who invest in stocks have shown that missing out on a handful of the best days every year greatly decreases average returns over years.

It remains to be seen whether crypto will fall into the same patterns, but there have certainly been very big gaining days that you could miss if you timed it wrong.

Old Man Crypto

Expert chainblocker
Dollar cost averaging is a good way to invest in most assets because it forces discipline saving. But markets have been so flat lately that one could easily have saved up money and put it all at once.

Trouble is no one knows if or when markets might jump so putting regular amounts into crypto a little at a time reduces risk of losing and also reduces risk of missing big price jumps.