Electronicenergycoin (E2C)

Discussion in 'Other Coins' started by Michael992, Nov 27, 2018.

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  1. Michael992

    Michael992 Starting Investor

    Hey Everyone.

    My name is Michael.

    I have been studying E2C, It's an amazing project aiming to be a gateway for energy trades specially electricity. I believe thats enough for it to make it stands out of the crowd.

    We are Lucky to be one of first group to own these tokens, as the price of it will skyrocket once energy agencies start to use this gateway.

    E2C its fast, secure and by the help of POS mining system it will be even more exiting to work with, POS is an eco-friendly system which consume very little electricity in compare to POW system. (i believe all coins will be joining POS system soon)

    if you guys want to keep tracking of this project its much easier to own an account (which is free) in E2C website.

    but as long as company using affiliate program, an invitation link will be needed. feel free to use the link below.
    If you want to own E2C tokens you can use BTC or ETH deposit after you get your account. but you gotta be quick before the low price sold out. Wink

    Register | Electronic Energy Coin

    you can access to more info as well as customer support if you have one of this account.

    to activate account after registration you need to deposit BTC or ETH and receive enough credit(min: $1000).
    after that you can go ahead and purchase your E2C.

    why having e2c in main website its better than tidex.


    1- you will be able to get lowest price of e2c
    2- by activating your account you will be able to join its affiliate program where you get have 8% as sponser bounes and 5% of total sales.
    and that is so amazing program. you have only 490 days or even less for this privet sale program
    and its marketing.
    anything you guys can email or pvm me.
  2. Michael992

    Michael992 Starting Investor

    Asian Galadiner E2C

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