Ethereum launches ERC-1155 to develop the videogame industry


Many things are still happening behind the scenes of Ethereum. A new standard token, known as ERC-1155, is about to be introduced in the coming weeks, and it is known that it will be designed primarily for the video game industry. Merging that virtual industry with Blockchain can lead to some interesting developments in the future of the cryptographic space and technology in general.

This new token is created by Witek Radomski, co-founder and technical director of, a service that allows users to build video games in Blockchain, with support for fungible and non-fungible tokens to represent elements of the game, which will be supported in the Ethereum chain. This standard will be used to define tokens used in game elements in Blockchain.

In the face of games with Ethereum

There has been a visible increase in the world of Blockchain use cases. It is only a matter of time for more industries to take note of this technology and incorporate it into its operation. For gamers, it seems that Blockchain-based assets can play a vital role. The ERC-721 standard token, recently launched on the market, is one of the ways to reshape this growing industry as time goes by.

Unlike previous models, ERC-1155 stores elements in a single contract, this is done in such a way that it requires very little data to distinguish tokens from others. This means that the ERC-1155 standard allows the creation of tokens, but with a slight twist. The articles are stored in a single contract, unlike the previous standards, where each token had to define a new contract by itself.

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