Facebook Acquires the Blockchain Startup Chainspace

Discussion in 'Blockchain News' started by pepeg, Feb 5, 2019.

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  1. pepeg

    pepeg Fully decentralized

  2. CryptoTC

    CryptoTC Crypto Fat Cat
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    Grooming myself between naps
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    I’m not going to get excited about anything Facebook does in the crypto realm. They’ve tajen such draconian steps to block all things crypto all the while with lingering rumors they want their own coin.

    Facebook can shove their crypto plans up their Likes hole for all I care.
  3. The CC Forums

    Staff Member

    I’m not a FB fan here myself either. They blocked all of our attempts to promote this site their. Wouldn’t allow paid ads because of all the crypto scams. I applaud that effort honestly, scams were everywhere. But they could’ve reviewed our site to see what it’s about before rejecting it 10 times.

    We finally got approval, and I don’t think we ever paid for a post or placed an ad there since being approved.

    So FB and crypto? Whatever.
  4. Vla

    Vla Buys the dips

    It is interesting that FB was like "against" crypto and now I see news connected with the company almost every day, what happened with them?
  5. NorthenLights

    NorthenLights Hodls on dips

    Well, they are not actually going into crypto, the blockchain is just a technology. Will see how it will eventually turn out to be.
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