Facebook Acquires the Blockchain Startup Chainspace

Discussion in 'Blockchain News' started by pepeg, Feb 5, 2019.

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  1. Watcher

    Watcher Starting Investor

    Libra is just another one digital currency, so it can be attributed to cryptocurrencies as well as PayPal's dollars to Bitcoin. Why is everyone so worried that Zuckerberg can make "some more" money?
  2. The CC Forums

    Staff Member

    Because they will take a fee with each use. Those fees will be shared between all the large backers of this currency.

    The spirit or intent of crypto is to take all that money in fees away from banks and distribute it to people committed to running nodes. Here it will be going to the large banks who back the project.

    But then again, how many tokens ran off with tens of millions and never produced a single functioning network? Or even attempted to?

    So there is that. At least it will bring crypto to the masses to use. But it won’t be an investment class crypto except for the original backers.
  3. Watcher

    Watcher Starting Investor

    Looks like you are right. Of course, I believe that Zuckerberg will succeed. But it seems to me that it was necessary to start the project in silence, as it Durov with his TON did. In this case, he would attract less attention from regulators.
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  4. luke.crypto.duke

    luke.crypto.duke Buys the dips

    Sometimes silence is not good. For example, regarding recent news. There were published a lot of news about one of the companies I'm closely watching. The news says this company is related to TON. Neither the company nor TON approved this news. But media keeps posting that. I want to know the truth.
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  5. Chilli19

    Chilli19 Starting Investor

    wow! this is very interesting news! dude, you just gave me a great idea for the post! thanks
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