ANN Fincake NFT - Portfolio Tracker Crypto and Stocks

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Presentation of the Fincake NFT

Limited collection 200 items!

What do you get?

- You get the same value as if you join the project through a venture fund
- Guaranteed allocation of our token
- Access to private chat
- Become a Fincake DAO Member
- Lifetime PRO account
- Merch with delivery

Fincake DAO - This is an investor community that is building a Web 3.0 user-focused investment tracking service based on a Web 2.0 Service.

Fincake simplifies the mass adoption of Web 3.0. and will be able to help web 2.0 users using traditional financial instruments move to crypto assets through a familiar interface;

Fincake is the place where people will find everything related to their investment portfolio tracker and will be able to earn Fincake tokens.

Founders — experienced team, successfully built a service in web 2.0 with 100,000 monthly visits, 4+ countries, 300,000+ users!

Website: Easy-to-use Portfolio Tracker
Whitepaper: Introduction - Fincake - Whitepaper

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