Future of Ethereum Classic in 2020

Discussion in 'Ethereum Classic (ETC)' started by Micky2019, May 29, 2019.

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  1. Micky2019

    Micky2019 Contributor

    Ethereum Classic price forecast.
    What do you think?
    Buy ETC now or wait?
  2. CryptoTC

    CryptoTC Crypto Fat Cat
    Staff Member

    Grooming myself between naps
    Sleeping on a couch, chair, bed, or under a table
    I don’t see it. I don’t get it.
    Who is developing projects on the ETC VM?
    Who is releasing tokens, utility projects or uses for ETC?
    It seems to me it exists only for trading and speculation.
    What am I missing?
  3. Old Man Crypto

    Old Man Crypto Expert chainblocker

    Retired, can’t remember from what.
    One step ahead
    When do the Grayscale accredited investors only funds open to standard retail buyers?

    That might open new interest from customers who don’t know exactly what they’re buying but want to put some money into crypto funds.

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