How do you think IOTA?

Loah Morgan

What is MIOTA?

Are you familiar with the concept of the Internet of Things? The revolutionary new concept will soon overtake large parts of our lives, allowing all of our devices - from refrigerators to thermostats, to go ‘smart’, and communicate with each other to fulfill their functions. But we’re going to need an efficient communication and transaction layer for these devices to talk to each other. That’s where IOTA comes in.

Iota Price Prediction :

MIOTA price currently is at $0.6743 with a 1-year growth forecast of $3.214 and a 5-year forecast of $9.847. The IOTA value has been bullish over the last 12 months with promises of a positive trend in the near future, according to industry analysts. For a 5-year investment, the revenue earned on IOTA is expected to around 1360.363676%, thus making it an excellent current buy for cryptocurrency investors. IOTA has also partnered with major corporations including Microsoft, Cisco Systems, Samsung, and Volkswagen.