How much do you know about these currencies in the blockchain?


Maybe you have heard about some famous cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash, but there are many other currencies have not been known to the general public. Now let’s take a closer look at these currencies.

1.About Pillar

Pillar is a platform driven by its own tokens. The Pillar token will be necessary for the system to function properly and will be independent of any cryptocurrency. It will be an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. This will be a value unit in our system.

Pillar Tokens (PLR) pay for various services. Tokens will provide instant business models for many associative projects. This is the benefit of tokens: You may only need one service at a time. You don’t need to register. Just pay with Pillar and then it is done.

2. About CRYPTO20

Crypto20(C20) is the world’s first tokenized index fund for cryptocurrency. It allows investors to obtain a diversified yield of 20 cryptocurrencies on the market by holding a single token easily and simply.

C20 provides investors with a practical, low-cost way to fully track the overall return of the rapidly growing digital asset market.

3.About Airswap

Airswap(AST) is the membership token of the AirSwap decentralized exchange. Through blockchain technology, AirSwap enables users to trade ERC20-compliant tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. The AirSwap token provides the intention to trade in another cryptocurrency or asset. AirSwap is a point-to-point protocol, which means that users are able to negotiate with their opponents more intuitive.

4.About BLOCKv

BLOCKv is a stacked protocol shared by blockchain developers. It represents the mature interface moment of the blockchain industry.

The blockv platform can create smart digital objects on the blockchain, unleashing the potential to quickly attract end users. VEE is token of BLOCKv. Any operation on the BLOCKv platform is supported by vee. BLOCKv provides a new ecosystem for interactive digital products on the blockchain. It has real value and can be purchased, sold, collected, traded, owned.