How/Why everyone should use The Brave Browser (short read)


Everyday blockchain use (No Payment Required) Part 1. The Brave Browser

Everyone thinks that blockchain is this far off nebulous technology that will someday disrupt big brother, and man, do I hope that happens. But until it does, we can start supporting blockchain technology in our everyday lives — doing what we already do with a better tool.

Enter Brave Browser, which utilizes blockchain technology.


The Brave Homepage
Yeah, pretty cool project right!? This is simple-no previous blockchain/crypto knowledge or experience needed.

Who: The people behind this project are seasoned vets in the tech space. They hail from companies and institutions you may be familiar with. They also have a proven track record of building great products. The Brave team includes the creator of JavaScript, and Firefox/Mozilla, as well as Stanford University professor, founder of Cola, and former Communications Director at Netscape/AOL, just to name a few. See the full team here.

What: Brave is a browser that blocks the ads and trackers which typically slow down your browsing and invades your privacy. Browse 2x faster on desktop and up to 8x faster on mobile. Experience unparalleled privacy and security. Support your favorite sites with Brave’s built in (digital, intangible) crypto token, the Basic Attention Token (BAT). You can use this link (Be Brave and support me!) to download the browser, super easy and fast. It is a referral link, so thank you if you use it. You can read the full list of features here.

There’s a little bit more, the Brave Browser supports a token (digital, not tangible) called the Basic Attention Token, or BAT (which you can purchase at, shameless plug), which is a crypto-token on the Ethereum blockchain, otherwise known as an ERC20 Token. With this token you can support content creators and websites that you visit.

When: The time to use Brave is NOW! You are probably reading this article on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, or Internet Explorer (hopefully not). All you have to do is click the above link and you can start reaping the benefits of a browser that utilizes blockchain technology.

Where: Use it on desktop and mobile anywhere in the world that has WiFi.

Why: Because this great browser was built for YOU and ME. I am definitely tired of having my history mined and sold to companies, so they can inundate me with ads. I am also tired of having my browsing history and personal data sold to the highest bidder.

How: You may be thinking to yourself, how does all of this work? My mom literally asked me this question, and said her and her friends would use this if they understood more. If you want to know more, check out this quick video. Have another question? Check out Brave’s FAQ section.

Do I have to spend money to use Brave? No, you don’t. First thing to do is start using the browser and enjoying your privacy, for free. Later on down the road, websites that you frequent will probably appreciate some BAT getting thrown their way.


Brave’s Token BAT
Brave gives users (you) and publishers (the website you visit) what they want. How does it work? Users choose their monthly contribution amount in BAT, which then gets anonymously divided amongst the publishers you visit. As Brave grows, so does the publishers revenue.

Advertisers also benefit from this model. They pay users in BAT for their attention to the content, hence the reason why BAT is called Basic Attention Token. Advertisers can actually see that their content is getting viewed by a real person instead of a fake account or a bot. All of this is done without your personal information being sold or disclosed to third parties (thank you blockchain). You can read more about being a publisher here.

Thank you for reading this article, I hope you found some value in it and are curious enough to pull the trigger on using the Brave Browser. Just by using the browser you are supporting this amazing technology called the blockchain. The more support we can give, the faster it will improve our lives. This is by no means the end-all-be-all explainer for Brave and the BAT Token, I have added some resources below. This article is meant to be an overview and basic explainer to anyone that has zero experience in the blockchain/crypto space. All of the information in this article was referenced from the Brave website.

Closing: This is the first installment of a multi-series of articles that feature useful projects that have shipped a product and have an accompanying utility token. All of these projects are featured on, which I am proud to say I work for.

Here are some YouTube personalities and websites that support Brave.

Bart Baker
Philip DeFranco
The Crypto Stache

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