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Warning: Don't send bitcoin from exchange or any address which you don't have control of. Not your key not your wallet.

Casino Critique
Is a brainchild for a group of reputable Bitcointalk members. We are a few Bitcointalk old timers who are behind Casino Critique. Our ultimate goal is to become the #1 Casino Guide in the year 2027.
The reputations are not for sale which means our reviews are completely honest and bold.
We have a team of experts who are experienced in gambling. They mastered their skills and proved it to different online platforms. Their critical analysis and guidance helped many gamblers to avoid the bad actors in crypto casino industry. We expect your benefit from our extensive research for every casino and bookmaker we review at our platform. We aim to make Casino Critique – completely honest and BOLD crypto casino guide for your gambling experience.
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10% LIFETIME Revenue Sharing for Chip Offerers
A large portion of the collected BTC will be spend for the next one year’s MASSIVE ADVERTISING including Google CPA, SEO to reach Search Engine first page for several HIGH TRAFFIC keywords, BitcoinTalk promotions, Social Media promotions, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, PR, last but not the least for Content Creation.

➥ It’s important that you join us before we reach the hard cap. Anything excessive after meeting the hard cap are returned to the individual received bitcoin address.

➥ Anonymous Chip Offering
We collect all BTC addresses from the blockchain transaction IDs. These are input addresses to our escrow address.
Ensure that you are sending Chip from a wallet which has its private key in your possessions. DO NOT send bitcoin from any exchange.
Every month 10% of the total revenue will be sent from Chip offerers’ revenue sharing pool. The reward in good faith you are enjoying for LIFETIME!




I'm a service provider to post this topic for Casino Critique Initial Bitcoin Chip Offering. I'm not a team member of the project. If you want to personally contact Casino Critique team then please follow their Bitcointalk discussion thread placed on their website."