ICO can be a Faster and Cheaper Financing Option than IPO

Discussion in 'Ethereum General News' started by pepeg, Jan 22, 2019.

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  1. pepeg

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    The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) released a study on January 15, showing a detailed analysis of the ICO ecosystem and its potential as a financing medium for DLT-based small and medium businesses (SMEs) and start-ups.

    It's great to see that there are researches right now that confirm the advantage of ICOs as a method to raise funds over traditional ways such as IPOs!

    OECD Analysis: ICO can be a Faster and Cheaper Financing Option than IPO | AllStocks Network
  2. Vla

    Vla Buys the dips

    Such studies can help to promote ICO. Yes, there are a lot of scam project, but you need to be more attentively and you wont be cheated
  3. The CC Forums

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    Be VERY attentive. Many ICO’s were scams. 84% of ICO’s in 2017-18 never got beyond the money raising stage. That’s an outrageous number. And of the 16% left, many of those will fail later.

    I advocate only investing in companies that have functioning products. In crypto, that means a beta network that functions as designed. I realize that limits options, but it also drastically cuts losses.
  4. Old Man Crypto

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    I think crypto investors were so burned by ICOs last year that it will nearly die as a fund raising model.

    Or memories will fade and it makes a return in a year or two. But it’s a flawed system. Ask for and receive millions up front. What’s the motivation to create the product, finish the project, test the beta, or do anything else? The point of business is to make money. When you can make millions without producing a product, why do the work.

    ICOs run counter to any logical fund raising method. I don’t see any way the current model can remain viable much longer.
  5. CryptoTC

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    The advantages of ICO’s over traditional venture funding are tilted greatly in favor of the fund recipients and not the investors.

    The ICO process either needs to seriously controlled and restricted, or tossed off the face of the planet.

    How much money was lost forever in the great ICO boom of 2016-2018? That’s a number no one has yet figured out. But it’s going to be a very high number when someone can complete the math. Billions I’ll predict.

    And how many ICO’s will become functional products or blockchain networks from the ICO’s completed so far? Less than 2% is my guess.
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