ICO ICO vs STO - All you need to know!


In this rapidly growing world, many crypto people focus on crowdfunding platforms for business development through the successful fundraising process. It primarily helps startups and entrepreneurs to raise their capital from global investors in a hassle way.

Initial coin offerings and security token offerings are the most popular and widely used fundraising methods in the crypto marketplace. Still, confused about which is best for fundraising? Check out the below table…

Initial Coin Offering - ICO
Security Token Offering - STO
No barriers to entry​
Only fully verified investors can gain access​
Investors have complete control over their funds​
Provide startups with more security and trust.​
Unregulated method​
Regulated method​
Uses utility tokens for fundraising​
Uses security tokens and all the tokens are created with the help of the SEC​
Complete anonymity​
Transparency for investors​
Increased liquidity within a short period of time​
Effective for long-term investments​

Now, you might know some ideas about ICO and STO. After knowing the clear points about both ICO vs STO Methods, you can compare these to choose the suitable method for your business.

To launch a successful crypto crowdfunding method like an initial coin offering and security token offering, you need to reach out to the best crypto crowdfunding platform development company for better results. They will help you to develop your crowdfunding platforms with impeccable outcomes and provide top-notch technical solutions for the complete development of your crowdfunding platform.

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