If you can get us to sign with Elon Musk, we pay you a $500,000 Bounties !


Hello guys,

I'm Enzo Viturat, the Marketing Manager of the CDK Token, a new crypto project built on the Algorand Blockchain.

If you never heard about us, our favorite sentence to present our project is :

" CDK Token , The power of blockchain for mobility "

You can find many infos of our project on our website and our White Paper !

Website : Home FR - CDK Token

White Paper : https://cdktoken.io/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/CDK-Whitepaper.pdf

Get us to sign with Elon, and we’ll pay you $500,000 in CDK.

Have a high ranking executive officer from any car manufacturer in the world (producing at least 500,000 cars per year) to contact us to discuss how to implement NFTs directly on their production line.

If a contract is signed, you get $50,000 in CDK tokens.

If you are the first to bring us a car manufacturer, we’ll double it, and if we’re talking about Telsa, we’ll decuple it.

Yes, you read it right: get us to sign with Elon, and we’ll pay you $500,000 in CDK (if it’s the first car manufacturer to sign).