In which altcoin to invest?


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UnikoinGold. I posted a longer response to you in another thread. Here’s our section on it.


The company reps posted for a few weeks but then left and haven’t been back. I still own a large number of the tokens, but they haven’t done well. Could mean it’s time to buy since they actually have a product that’s already up and running.

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Litecoin, Ethereum, Zcash, Dash, Ripple, BitCoin, Neo
I mean you can invest in any promising altcoin like, for example, BTT or BNB
I’m invested in very few altcoins. I just don’t think a lot have a future. Ones I own include XRP, ETH, and a little XEM left that I didn’t sell last year. I can see Binance being a good one, but I don’t own any. Stellar seems to be popular, but again I don’t own any.

And despite my interest in all those logistics tokens we’ve written about, I don’t own a single one.

I think crypto round 3 is where the real money will be made. First came bitcoin and blockchain, then came platform crypto currencies and all those useless ICO’s. Now the market is stepping back and figuring out where to go with this stuff. The next phase of projects will be more mature when they are offered for investment.

That’s where I step back in. Security tokens with products already in development or deployed. Keep focused on the long term. There’s money to be made there.
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What is your opinion? What is the best coin to invest?
Well apparently XRP over the last few days. Just because I converted half of mine to bitcoin.

I should start a trading thread where I report all my moves publicly so that the rest of you know to do exactly the opposite. I sold some bitcoin at $6k last month. Boom, missed the jump. I decided to rebalance XRP to bitcoin. Boom, missed the jump.

I should offer an official anti-TCF trading fund.

Holding money on the sidelines right now looking to rebuy XRP on any dip and a little more BTC as well.

Times like these I need to remember my own mantra: long term, looong teeerrrm, looooooong teeeeeeerm, Om, breathe, Om, breathe.