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Discussion in 'Crypto related Hardware' started by minecryptobrother, Aug 15, 2018.

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  1. minecryptobrother

    minecryptobrother Starting Investor

    Hot Products arrived in our stocks,

    Innosilicon A8+, A9, D9, S11, T2 Turbo(T2T) Miner

    Innosilicon is also joining the game with CryptoNight ASIC miners as
    company has just announced their new Innosilicon A8+ CryptoMaster.
    ASIC miner for CryptoNight capable of delivering 240 KH/s with 480
    of power usage with delivery time starting from 16th April, 2018. No

    official word on pricing yet announced, thouhg they should be
    than What Bitmain is currently selling their X3 miners at in order
    to be
    competitive since Innosilicon is slower, but will start shipping

    The A9 ZMaster is pretty expensive at least for batch 1, but
    Innosilicon wants to beat Bitmain in releasing first a more powerful

    product, even in limited quantities and charging a pretty expensive
    price for the device. The second batch shipments are planned to
    start on
    August 15th, but by then the price should be significantly lower,
    especially considering that even Bitmain has already announced lower

    prices for its upcoming batches of the Z9 mini devices. Meanwhile we
    probably soon going to see more ASIC manufacturers coming out with
    Equihash-based devices and this should further drive down prices,
    especially if there isn’t that much of a demand for the hardware
    the current market conditions. The only problem with ASIC
    trying to **** up each other is that in the end the one often
    ****ed up is usually the miner that buys one or the other of the
    With our Respect,
    CRYPTOCURRENCY BROTHER LTD - Innosilicon Mining Hardware.jpg
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