Minerbooking . Com malware and scam site


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Came across a link to minerbooking . com in another thread here.

Checking out the site resulted in malware and virus warnings. Besides illegal browser mining, it is also very likely a typical Ponzi scheme. Don’t send your money to someone promising you big returns or regular dividends. Don’t send your money anywhere except to legitimate crypto companies.

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I got your report and deleted one while you edited the other. Thanks for the update.

I’ll add that we omg recommend following any links posted in our Marketplace section. If you must browse to a listed site, be sure to enter it manually or scan the address as it loads watching for redirects. Run strong antivirus software. Use private browsing mode. Do a google search on the site before visiting it to see if it has already been flagged as malicious or reported as a scam.

It’s your hard-earned money they want. Protect it carefully.


I do not recommend minerbooking.com and for that matter anything which is connected to recent Bulgaria. Their system is toggled manually, so that it steals ...besides they offer ridiculously bad deals.


i just started mining with this company a couple weeks ago. i have tried other mining providers in the past,you guys know who the other ones are,and ive always had to deal with a lot regarding payouts and shitty customer service. miner booking has automatic transfers every 24 hours which means i wont need to do a request to get my damn money. prices for some of the machines are steep at times but judging from the market situation i cant really blame them. ive had a good experience until now at least